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Athletics is a very important topic to Dr. Robert Grimmer, DC and he loves to help athletes better themselves. We are all an athlete on some level and we all have goals that we are trying to achieve. The great thing about chiropractic it is that it is a very versatile tool that can help any person of any age! The point is that we all have a passion for something and we deserve to do it well and pain free. Most weekend warriors deal with the pain and are stuck in the cycle of playing on the weekend and hurting themselves and resting during the week to try and recover in time for the next week! Why not break the cycle and find out why you are having these chronic issues and avoid the pain and suffering? Here is a list of just some of the injuries we can help with.

Shoulder – Knee – Hip – Hamstring – Ankle – Wrist – Foot

When most people think about a chiropractor they think of their back or neck and they don’t give thought to the other areas of their body that may be hurting. Call today at 509-902-1222 to schedule your appointment and get our of pain for good! No matter your level of athletic ability, Dr. Robert Grimmer is here to help!

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