Sport Injury

Getting injured while playing sports can damage many parts of the musculoskeletal system. This can manifest in the form of back pain, to knee pain or various other locations. This can leave former athletes struggling to perform the activities they love. To avoid being a permanent benchwarmer, proper treatment is most often necessary. Our chiropractor provides injury rehabilitation and pain management with a non-invasive approach. No need for surgery or medication. At Acute Chiropractic, we utilize a holistic method of injury treatment including chiropractic manipulations, physiotherapy, and massage therapy. This approach has proven to minimize inflammation, reduce swelling and speed recovery, so you can get back to what you do best.


Our commitment to whole body wellness and holistic care has bench marked us as a preferred choice amongst athletes injured at play. We have helped countless patients recuperate strength, endurance, movement, flexibility and coordination. Our specially tailored treatments not only relieve pain, but also provide healing and promote long-term wellness. The combination of healing and pain relief speeds the recovery process.
If you have sustained a sports injury, our Yakima chiropractic care team can help you recover. We treat both chronic repetitive strains and acute sports injuries.


These injuries develop slowly over time as a result of musculoskeletal system imbalance. Repetitive motions of the body in an asymmetrical pattern can strain muscles and connective tissue, leading to inflammation and pain. These repetitive motions can potentially sprain or even tear ligaments. An example of a repetitive motion injury, tennis elbow. This occurs when chronic, stressful movements strain the tendons in the elbow, causing pain and inflammation. As a result, holding a tennis racket, swinging a golf club or even typing on a keyboard can become incredibly painful. We first address the underlying cause, a misalignment, and then treat the surrounding tissue to reduce pain. Undiagnosed spinal misalignments often cause improper movement, which can lead to chronic stress injuries; chiropractic adjustments correct this. Physiotherapy and massage therapy can help reduce inflammation in the joints and musculature, and promote internal healing.


A hard fall or collision with another player can cause an acute sports injury. Athletes come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you play soccer every week year round, or you are a weekend warrior, all are at risk of getting injured without proper precautions. At Acute Chiropractic, we diagnose the injury, provide non-invasive, safe treatment for it, and then provide tips on how to avoid future injury.


You may suffer from chronic back pain, a rotator cuff injury or neck pain. It is important to recognize that sports injuries do not simply “get better” on their own. Without proper care, scar tissue may form in the joints and muscles. Scar tissue stops the healing process, limits range of motion and causes pain. The sooner that you are treated for an injury, the more likely a total and complete recovery is possible. However, it is never too late to get healthy.


If you sustained an injury months or even years ago, pain relief and injury rehabilitation is still possible. Because of scar tissue formation, many of our patients with old sports injuries initially present with restricted range of motion. Chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy exercises and massage therapy can safely and effectively restore movement to the body as well as relieve chronic pain.


You can check out more on Sports Athletic Pain. Don’t let old or new sports injuries stop you from living an active life. Contact our healthcare team at Acute Chiropractic 509-902-1222 and get back in the game today!


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