Our office has a focus on helping ease and correct the painful effects of scoliosis in Yakima. Generally, scoliosis starts as a small bend in the spine and progresses to be more severe overtime. Bends in the spine are diagnosed as scoliotic if the bend is greater than ten degrees to the right or left. It is a major health concern if bends in the spine progress to a greater degree.
When spinal bending or lateral curving is caught early and treated properly, life altering problems can be avoided. The article below describes the progression of scoliosis, how it’s diagnosed, and how Acute Chiropractic is able to help. Yakima chiropractor, Dr. Grimmer, is specially trained to treat scoliosis.


Healthy spines are completely vertical from a front and back view. When the spine bends horizontally, it develops a condition called scoliosis. Scoliosis develops at various ages. Often during spinal growth if there is a vertebrae that is not aligned correctly the developing musculature connected to the spine can develop asymmetrically. The muscles then pull on the spine and can enhance the curvature that previously existed.
The initial misalignment frequently stems from poor posture, arthritic conditions, or injuries to the back. Most cases of scoliosis are with children going through rapid growth spurts. However, adults may develop scoliosis as well. Even in older age conditions like Osteoporosis can lead to scoliosis.


Without treatment, scoliosis frequently causes long term chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis, and legs. Scoliosis may cause pain, but it might be the tip of the iceberg. Patients who suffer from scoliosis often develop sciatica and other bio mechanical ailments. In worst case scenarios, heart and lung capacity can be diminished, it can cause painful menstruation cycles, and even physical disability.


Usually, scoliosis is first noticed by an adult close to the patient. They typically see unleveling of the shoulders and pelvis. An examination by a Yakima chiropractor assesses the gait and spinal curvature of the patient. The Adams Position Test is often used. In this test, the patient bends forward to observe abnormalities. A positive Adams Test is regularly confirmed on X-ray, which also assists the practitioner to understand the severity of the scoliotic curve.


Those living in Yakima and nearby areas of Union Gap, Selah, Wapato, Moxee and Terrace Heights, have immediate access to care at Acute Chiropractic. We treat scoliosis with gentle spinal manipulations and adjustments. Utilizing a hands-on approach, we reposition the spine to reduce the “S” curve and the resulting strain on the vertebrae, ligaments, tendons and muscles. At first treatment is frequent, due to the body trying to return to a pain free position. Our chiropractor helps to retrain your spine to maintain a more natural curve. This takes numerous chiropractic adjustments and frequent rehabilitation. As your body gains a more natural curve through adjusting and the muscles are strengthened to hold the vertebrae in place through rehab, your visits will decrease in frequency.


Beyond adjusting and exercises, education on proper posture, sitting, standing and lifting techniques is vital. Conscious awareness of your spine is important, so eduction will be given to help maintain and protect during work, recreation and rest. It takes time and conscious effort to learn to be aware of posture in daily life. We can also provide exercises that will strengthen back muscles to help support proper posture.


The most common time for a scoliosis diagnosis is during the teenage years. If you or your child feel that you may have this or have been diagnosed with a lateral curve in the spine, call Acute Chiropractic today so we can help alleviate discomfort and begin correcting spinal structure. Your scoliosis pathway becomes straight through chiropractic adjustments. Conservative care through chiropractic reduces the risk potential for further problems later in life, including surgery and back bracing. We will evaluate your condition, give at-home recommendations and therapies, while partnering with our massage therapists to help your spine stay in its proper position. Maintenance adjusting is provided as needed to continue supporting your healthy path.


Chiropractors in Yakima are specially trained to diagnose and treat patients with scoliosis. After discussing the patient’s history, they are examined to assess the cause of scoliosis. The information gained is used to put together and effective treatment plan that will correctly address the bend of the spine.
Acute Chiropractic provides non-invasive and safe treatments to prevent, slow, and stop the progression of scoliosis. Specific spinal adjustments are applied in order to reverse and straighten the horizontal curvature. Call today for an examination that could be life changing.

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