Disc Injury

Do you have a slipped, bulged or herniated disc in Yakima? If you think that your back pain could be the result of a disc injury, or you have been previously diagnosed with a disc injury, chiropractic care at Acute Chiropractic can help. To prevent more damage from becoming permanent, it is imperative to seek treatment regardless of your pain level. The following article explores the symptoms related to disc injuries to help further educate you on your condition. Also included is how chiropractic care at Acute Chiropractic can provide fast relief from pain and discomfort and the possibility of long-term recovery.


The small pads between your vertebrae are known as inter vertebral discs. These discs are composed of a fibrous, flexible outer ring with a soft plasmoid inner circle. One might view an inter vertebral disc like a jelly donut. Discs function to provide shock resistance and prevent your vertebrae from rubbing against one another. This protects the spine during activities like bending, lifting, jumping and other weight bearing activities. The discs of your spine are extremely important. Without discs your upper spine and neck would be completely immobile. Injuries to discs that cause pain and limit range of motion in the thoracic and cervical spine are:

  • Protruding discs result from an asymmetrical or chronically injured disc where the disc center takes on a bulged shape.
  • Bulged discs result from an incomplete rupture of the outer disc material, bulging the inner gel outward.
  • The worst case scenario, a disc extrusion or herniation, results from a complete rupture of the outer disc material, allowing the inner gel to leak through into the spaces surrounding the disc and vertebrae. This can often separate from the disc as well.


A disc injury causes inflammation to the surrounding tissue, which usually results in nerve irritation, leading to recurring back pain, numbness and loss of full mobility. Prolonged inflammation can sometimes lead to nerve damage. Some of the symptoms of nerve damage and irritation are:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Weakness in the arms, hands, legs or feet
  • Arm, hand, leg and foot pain, with possible numbness or tingling (similar to sciatica)
  • Lack of control of bladder or bowel function


Chiropractic treatment in Yakima has been shown to be highly effective for disc related injuries. Not only for providing immediate or short term pain relief, but also for assisting in future recovery. At Acute Chiropractic you will begin with a detailed evaluation of your medical history, and current complaints to target the best techniques to treat you as well as alternative options.

Specific adjustments to the spine release pressure on nerves and reduce irritation to the surrounding tissue. This helps to reduce the pain and discomfort from a disc injury, allowing you to get back to your active lifestyle. Don’t wait! Call Acute Chiropractic in Yakima today at 509-902-1222. to schedule an appointment and begin recovering from your disc injury.

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